Whitley Patient Advocates support a North Carolina Client with 273 denied health insurance claims.

Why do North Carolinians look for a patient advocate?
One reason is when they get stuck with a large number of medical bills. 
In this past year, we have been working with Stephanie Christy of Wilmington, North Carolina. Stephanie had been covered from 2018 until mid-2021 under an individual health plan sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBS of NC). 
In January 2021 Stephanie received notification that BCBS of NC had clawed back money for 273 claims. This resulted in Stephanie being responsible for $42,546.00 in medical bills.

Stephanie has suffered for years with chronic migraines and other ailments and is unable to work, so she applied for disability coverage under Medicare. The good news is that Medicare granted her coverage in the summer of 2021 and then Medicare backdated its coverage to 2018.  Then her nightmare began!

Why did this happen?

BCBS of NC considered Medicare to have been the primary payer going back to 2018. They clawed back the money it had paid to Stephanie’s medical providers from 2018 until mid-2021.

Stephanie’s doctors, physical therapists, her nutritionist — were now left with nothing. Stephanie started getting flooded with medical bills and phone calls from billing departments.

Stephanie Googled patient advocates in North Carolina and got connected with Whitley Patient Advocates!

We started working with Stephanie and each medical provider to urge them to resubmit their bills to Medicare. There’s still more than $10,000 to be reimbursed.

During this past year, we have received some funding for Stephanie from Marshall Allen https://www.marshallallen.com/ and  The Care Partner Project

Recently we were interviewed By Marshall Allen for his recent newsletter to tell Stephanie’s story.  Marshall “has fifteen years investigating the healthcare industry as a journalist, exposing the insidious ways the system preys on vulnerable Americans: price gouging, sloppy billing, fraud, insurance denials, unnecessary treatment, and more.” Check out Marshall’s bio https://www.marshallallen.com/about-marshall

Marshall states in his article https://marshallallen.substack.com/p/health-insurer-denies-273-claims

“Thankfully, Marilyn is on hand to help Stephanie, and we have generous subscribers to this newsletter who have helped pay the tab.” Stephanie said she’s been “blown away” by the support. “I need her help so much,” she said of Marilyn. “I’m so thankful for everybody.”

Please go to Marshall’s article to learn more about Stephanie’s story and what BCBS of NC had to say about why Stephanie was left without any help in the next steps in this Health Insurance Nightmare! https://marshallallen.substack.com/p/health-insurer-denies-273-claims