Patient advocates can help reduce emergency room visits

As patient advocates, we know the importance of having an advocate when you make a trip to the Emergency room, these visits can be very overwhelming and frustrating. The long waits can be excruciating especially if you can get the care you need elsewhere. Save the emergency room visit for when you truly need it!

When we work with clients we are always working to avoid an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. How do we do that? We work on educating our clients and work on healthcare prevention with them.  We support our clients in preventing a healthcare crisis and help them strategize when seeing their primary care or urgent care would be more appropriate.

Some ways in which patient advocates can reduce emergency room visits include:

  1. Educating patients: We educate patients on ways to prevent injuries and illnesses. For example, we can provide information on healthy eating habits, exercise, and home safety.
  1. Providing resources: Patient advocates can help patients find a primary care provider or an urgent care facility in their area and provide information on when to seek care for non-emergency medical needs.
  1. Encouraging preventative care: We encourage clients to get regular check-ups and screenings to prevent illnesses from becoming serious enough to require emergency care.
  1. Advocating for patients: Patient advocates can work with healthcare providers and insurers to ensure that patients receive the care they need. They can help patients navigate the healthcare system and advocate for their rights.

As patient advocates we help reduce the number of emergency room visits, which can improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and free up resources for patients who truly need emergency care.