How We Help

How we help

When your loved one, family member or an employee/resident is diagnosed with a serious condition or faces chronic illness, finding the right provider and getting the right care is all that matters.

Did you know that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States?

Individuals are living longer and with the twists and turns of healthcare and complex disease processes, the need for patient/family advocates are growing. The demand exceeds the service. Baby boomers are now needing advanced care services and with the mobile family it is very hard to help in advocating for loved ones.

The Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) identified a 13.5 percent rate of harm within the US Medicare population by the Office of Inspector General using the IHI Global Trigger Tool.

There are many missed opportunities and options available to patients that go unutilized. With serious diagnoses come a whirlwind of emotions and a multitude of questions that can cloud a patients thought process of what to do and what avenues are available to them and their families. It may take an extended amount of time for patients and their families to process this new change in life and we understand that time is a precious factor that needs to be utilized proficiently.

We are both children of aging “baby boomers” with complex health conditions, making us very empathetic to client’s needs. We are a family centered business and provide over 50 years’ worth of experience in the U.S. and Canadian health care systems.

Our goal as patient advocates is to make ourselves available at your time of need to alleviate your anxiety and provide you with the appropriate and informative services possible to quickly get you through the maze of health care services and give you the best result in life. Preventing suffering and supporting your quality and quantity of life are important to us as advocates.

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We are here for you! We will work with the patient, family members, medical personnel and company representatives to ease the process, providing the necessary resources to understand the condition and to offer support throughout the cycle of care.

We can be your guide so that you can feel confident that you’ve not been taken for a ride, been misdiagnosed, been made aware of all treatment options and that your bills are correct.

Insurance company advocates are limited in services they provide by the insurance company themselves. Hospital advocates are limited in services by hospital policies and insurance coverage, which is ultimately dictated by insurance companies. When you hire Whitley Patient Advocates, your only limit is you. An independent patient advocate is solely devoted to you and your quality of care 100%.

Relationships are very important in healthcare. Spending time in our communities and acute care has made us more focused on you. At Whitley Patient Advocates, you’ll find our experiences will provide education and guidance to achieve the highest level of performance from all areas of your healthcare.

Our fundamental approach promotes healthy living while delivering results and improving access to the most advanced levels of care possible. As a result, clients benefit from reduced health care costs and enhanced quality of life.

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