How We Help

How we help


Did you know that medical errors were the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Baby boomers are now needing advanced care services and with the mobile family, it is very hard to help in advocating for loved ones.

Many missed opportunities and options are available to patients that go unutilized.

With serious diagnoses come a whirlwind of emotions and a multitude of questions. This can cloud a patient's thought process of what to do and what options are available to them and their families

Our goal as patient advocates is to alleviate your anxiety and provide you with appropriate and informative services.

We are both children of aging “baby boomers” with complex health conditions, making us very empathetic to clients’ needs. We are a family-centered business and provide over 50 years’ worth of experience in the U.S. and Canadian healthcare systems.

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When you hire Whitley Patient Advocates, your only limit is you. An independent patient advocate is solely devoted to you and your quality of care 100%.


How We Help Other Organizations

Have you ever wondered if your EAP program has all the support services necessary? Why do we not have more engagement in our program?
Through years of healthcare experience, we have countless cases of patients and their families who are unsure of what’s going on in their healthcare or overwhelmed in their need to make decisions.
As patient advocates we will bridge the gaps that will empower, engage and give them the confidence to make good healthcare decisions.
We are the missing link in your support services. By adding our patient advocate service we will ensure engagement and positive health outcomes for your employees.
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