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I had no sense of direction and a lack of understanding the results of the dementia my wife had. I sought out their services to get clarity in my role as a caregiver and how to manage all of the doctor’s visits, etc. Marilyn and David were personal, caring and always available. My first couple of interactions with them were so helpful and easy. I achieved a much clearer understanding of how to navigate the medical issues. I would recommend Marilyn and David because of their personal, “hands-on” approach which brings a sense of “I can do this!” To anyone considering their services, I would like to explain that you won’t know how helpful it can be until you make use of their expertise and knowledge. One unexpected benefit of working with Marilyn and David was developing a personal friendship with them. I’m grateful!

- King C.

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I would use two words to describe them: expertise and compassion. Having a patient advocate is the only way to go even for people with a pretty good understanding of how Medicare works, which I did not have. Marilyn is always available to talk in person or by phone and to answer all the questions the client has. If she does not know the answer, she will find out. One unexpected benefit of working with Marilyn and David was that the one who runs the business is also your friend, helping you in ways you need help.

- Abbie M.

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Marilyn and David Whitley are two extraordinary people. Training and years of experience give them direct knowledge, not only of illnesses and their complications, but also of the stresses and strains that illness works upon the families and loved ones of those who are Ill. It is that knowledge coupled with a deeply felt moral imperative to assist those in pain that motivates their work.

As “Patient Advocates” Marilyn and Dave work to ensure that patients and their families receive all the benefits to which they are entitled from all available sources. This translates into literally hours of discussion and argument with insurance companies, Medicare officials, and hospital/caregiver facilities that can last for days. They are stubborn, but polite They speak the language. They know how such agencies work. And they don’t take no for an answer. Best of all, they took pains to explain things in simple terms readily understandable to us laypersons.

As a result, not only was I spared the stress of negotiating with experts on subjects about which I was virtually ignorant, but most important I was able to spend more quality time caring for my wife. Of less importance, owing to the efforts of the Whitley’s, we received financial reimbursements we did not know we were entitled to. These psychological, emotional, and financial benefits more than compensated for the moderate, fair fees paid to Marilyn and David.

Finally, I note that the Whitleys are sensitive, sympathetic, empathetic, and understanding people who establish healing connections with those whom they serve. They are honest, truthful, and completely trustworthy in every way. I recommend them without reservation.

- Ron M.


I met Marilyn and David Whitley several years ago through our church where they did a seminar for seniors teaching about the ins and outs of Medicare and other insurances.  Although I had had some background in medical billing years prior, I was shocked at how many things had changed and new information was just pouring from them both.  They have a way of offering that information that is kind, easy to understand, and thorough.  I like to think of myself as a person who believes in being prepared and not surprised about things and the idea of turning Medicare age and facing senior choices was daunting.  Marilyn is calming and has a "we can do this together" attitude that is contagious!  During their second seminar at our church, they spoke about getting our information together and complete and having end of life choices prepared ahead of time.  Being prepared - right up my alley!  We had Marilyn come to our house for an hour appointment and she instructed us on what to do and a simple plan to get our paperwork in order.  She is concise and patient, loving and understanding.  With her guidance, in no time I had our paperwork in perfect order.  I was so excited to tell our loved ones we had handled these details ahead of time; the look on their faces was one of relief and appreciation.  The choices were ours and not theirs, and they merely needed to follow them.  Everything was in place from wills to DNR orders, to funeral plans.  Marilyn and David's help was a gift not only to us in having it complete ahead of time, but a bigger gift to our loved ones in its completion.  Their modest fee was worth everything.  I now have a record and relationship with Marilyn and David, and when any medical issues should arise, I feel confident in calling them to help us through that too.  Marilyn referred to her work as a sort of insurance policy for the future - I feel like we gained a friend and confidant as well!  I recommend this couple with my whole heart!

- Wendy L.

Wendy L

During the last couple of years Marilyn and her husband David, have presented several times to the local Caregiver's Group that I facilitate here in Morehead City, NC.  Their level of knowledge and expertise is unmatched and an incredible asset to our area and community.  Caregivers are overwhelmed and stressed with all of the responsibilities and decisions they must make.  Whitley Patient Advocates has helped them understand that they are not alone in this journey.  They know that Marilyn and David are here to help them navigate the complex workings of an illness or life setback from medical needs to individual care needs.  That is not all they do.  Recently Marilyn visited with my group and shared the in's and out's of Medicare. It was eye opening and extremely informative - and this was to a group of people who have been on Medicare for years!  It is amazing what we do not know!  I have heard several members of my group say that they will not do anything that involves future medical needs and decisions without contacting Marilyn first!  As a matter of fact, when individuals contact me for caregiving recommendations, Whitely Patient Advocates is the first recommendation on my list.  When asked by my own children for a list of local organizations they should contact in the event my husband or I need care, I told them to first call Marilyn! In today's environment and the complexities of healthcare, it is too stressful and confusing to try and do this on your own.  We are extremely fortunate, in Carteret County, to have such professional and skilled individuals.  A priceless asset.

- Linda L.

Linda L

Marilyn and David see their work as a vocation rather than a business. They feel the healthcare system isn’t able to give families and patients the support they need so they are trying to fill the gaps. This fantastic service allows the family to focus on the patient’s needs.

- Current Client, Carteret County, NC

Marilyn is very kind, compassionate, and empathetic. She has a master's degree in nursing and is highly trained and very experienced in medical administration here and in Canada. She is very articulate, sensitive, and diplomatic when discussing the situation and available options. She ensures the patient and family understand all options, providing pros and cons so they can make an informed decision.

- Current Client, Carteret County, NC

I was privileged to work with David Whitley from 2004-2014 while he was a respiratory therapist at WakeMed Health and Hospitals in Raleigh, NC. David is an exceptional respiratory therapist; he is always professional, has an excellent work ethic, his management plans are always evidence based and well thought out. David would always advocate for the patients and the families making sure their needs were met.

- Amy Griffin, MD, FACEP Medical Director of Children’s Emergency Dept. Wake Med Health & Hospitals

I was extremely fortunate to work with Marilyn Whitley from 2014-2017 as the Director of Site Operations at Central Regional Integrated Health Authority in Newfoundland Labrador, Canada. As an exceptional nursing administrator Marilyn’s focus was always on patient safety and quality of care. She continuously demonstrated compassion, care and concern for patients and families alike. In true patient and family centered care approach, she was a sincere and genuine advocate for patients and families in all aspects of their experience-clinical, emotional, spiritual and social.

- Sherry Freake MHSM, BN RN Former COO and VP of Acute Care Central Health, NL, Canada

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You are an answer to a prayer!

Very informative!

The most important information I learned today was that your services are available in our area!

There are questions you don’t know to ask but in the presentation you answer them.

Great info on Medicare and Medicaid!

Good advice on dealing with the system!

Health insurance is very complicated especial dealing with Medicaid and supplemental insurance. Good coverage today and I learned how to read a medical bill.

The most important thing I learned today was the difference between Observation and Inpatient status.