Making health care decisions can be confusing.

We provide medically licensed support so you can feel confident about you or your loved one's health.

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What Is A Patient Advocate?

Patient Advocates focus on guiding patients through the ever-changing world of healthcare. They empower individuals to make the best decisions possible for their health.

Why You Should Consider a Patient Advocate?

Dealing with health concerns for you or a loved one is hard to handle on its own. And when you add communicating with doctors, insurance agents, financial advisors, and attorney's it can seem like they are all speaking different languages.

A patient advocate can be your translator, coordinator, even your liaison. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind to know that you are getting the best treatment from the right professional. We will help you determine the most appropriate service for you at the right time and in the most cost-effective way.

Navigating the Health Care System Is Tough

Health changes can become overwhelming fast. Leaving you overwhelmed and feeling a loss of control.

Poor communication to you about your current health situation leaves lost and overwhelmed

Being long distances from loved ones or alone in your current health emergency or illness can leave you very vulnerable.

It's hard to find a trusted, knowledgeable, healthcare expert that can coordinate all your current health needs. One that works for you, that can give you and your family peace of mind.


Pam enjoying China

Pam's Story

I had been a caregiver to my husband for eight years who had dementia. In June 2017, he was placed in an assisted living facility. Less than two months after that I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was so overwhelmed that everything became a blur. At that point, David and Marilyn stepped in, and not only were they my family but they became my advocates. Marilyn was going over my medical records constantly and David was coordinating my appointments for me and making sure someone stepped in to help with his stepfather. This was one of the hardest times in my life, but I knew I wanted to live, and God meant for me to live. By having someone advocate for me, I could focus on my mental and physical health. Everyone needs an advocate. I focused on getting better and in April 2019, I traveled to China with my closest friends and climbed the Great Wall! What an amazing experience. I’ve learned to live with my cancer and know that I am living my best life.

How Whitley Patient Advocates Help

What our expert knowledge in healthcare means for you:

  • We can quickly assess your situation
  • We will help you prioritize your needs.
  • We are not influenced by the bottom line of health care organizations or insurers.
  • We will promptly develop a plan that is individualized and flexible to optimize your needs.

An organization or an Employer, looking for help? No problem.

  • We offer consultative support to large groups
  • We meet your needs by supporting you as facilitators, coaches, health advocates, and educators.
  • Support your goal of healthy outcomes for you and your employees.

How We Guide You To Health Care Success!

Schedule A Call

During our initial free telephone consultation, we’ll pinpoint your immediate and long-range needs.

Get Your Personalized
Plan of Action

We will create a Plan of Action during our initial meeting with you. Outlining all of the services available to you.

Live Worry Free

Get peace of mind by partnering with a certified patient advocate.

How Whitely Patient Advocates Has Helped Others

The Whitleys

Meet Our Team

Marilyn Whitley, MSN, RN, NE-BC, BCPA 

David Whitley, BSRT, CRT, RRT, BCPA

Our goal as patient advocates is to make ourselves available to you at any time to provide you with the appropriate and informative services possible. To empower you to quickly get through the maze of health care services giving you the best result in life. Preventing suffering and supporting your quality and quantity of life are important to us as advocates.

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