The Keys to Success for “Aging in Place & Alone”

The Keys to Success for “Aging in Place & Alone”

Are you over the age of 65 or a caregiver of someone who is? What is your plan for living independently as you age or are you unsure of how to plan?

Do you have all your affairs in order, so that you know how you will pay for support to maintain your current living situation? How will you pay for assisted living or Long term care if you need it? What are your end-of-life wishes?

Are you alone making these decisions or has your health declined and the thought of planning this gives you so much stress. Who do you trust to help you?

The team that helps you succeed

As Patient Advocates, we believe there is a team that can work together to ensure your success to age independently.  This team consists of a Financial Advisor, CPA, Attorney, and Patient Advocate.

  • Financial Advisor will help you create strategies for eliminating financial risk and building wealth over the long term. They may assist you with LTC insurance as well.
  • A CPA Certified Public Accountant provides individuals and families with valuable knowledge and advice on taxes and financial planning.
  • An attorney will help with estate planning, will planning, and POA’s (Power of Attorneys for health and finance)
  • A Patient Advocate will support many things for you especially Care Coordination. Care Coordination can get very overwhelming if you get multiple illnesses or sick family members that require frequent doctor’s appointments or the assistance of a caregiver. Regular household duties may now be overwhelming, such as grocery shopping, bill pay, getting to a doctor’s appointment, hair appointment, yard work, house repairs, etc.

Patient Advocates Coordinate within the team

A Patient Advocate can also coordinate the communication between your financial advisor, CPA & Attorney if needed so that you are able to focus on getting well yourself or taking care of a loved one. We can assist in forecasting healthcare expenses, organization of medical bills and medical expenses for the CPA. We also can support you in the areas of healthcare where different POA’s are needed and be sure you have the proper paperwork in hand from your attorney.