Primary Health Concerns For Baby Boomers. What We See as Patient Advocates – Part 2

We continue to discuss the health concerns of baby boomers. As Patient Advocates, we know the common health problems we support our clients with include Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer,  Pneumonia, COVID-19, and Flu.

Living With Heart Disease

Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death for both men and women over the age of 60. Research has shown that altering factors such as smoking, blood pressure control, cholesterol, exercise, and weight can decrease your risk.

We support our clients, their caregivers & family by helping them with a plan of action to support their heart health. We work hard to be sure they understand their medications and the reasons they take them.

Living With Diabetes

The number of adults with Type 2 Diabetes has more than tripled in the last 20 years according to the CDC. The odds of experiencing serious health issues with Type 2 Diabetes are high. However, we know that when individuals focus on a healthy lifestyle and appropriate medical care can avoid it or effectively manage it.

We support our clients, their caregivers & family by helping them strategize a plan of medication management, and education.

Living With Cancer

No one is immune to cancer. However, your risk for cancer increases as you age. Fortunately, cancer-related deaths are declining due to cancer screenings!

We work with families to formulate a plan to support a healthy lifestyle and plan to deal with their cancer if they do have a new diagnosis or are living with it chronically.

Living With Pneumonia, Flu & COVID-19

As you age over the age of 65, you are at a greater risk of death from Pneumonia, Flu & COVID-19. The immune system is weakened and most individuals have multiple medical problems.

As patient advocates, we support our clients in prioritizing a plan for yearly vaccinations. There are also those that can have one o these illnesses and need a long recovery time at home. We support them with a plan that fits their lifestyle.

Basically, as long as you stay alive, the older you will get. Complications are likely to arise with each additional year you live. Whitley Patient Advocates can assist you in healthy aging and assist you with future plans to age in place.