Whitley Patient Advocates Provide Information to ABCNews11 WTVD regarding trends in COVID-19 Medical Bills

Patient Advocates Support families with COVID-19 and Medical Bill Appeals

Patient Advocates know all too well the heartache families face with huge medical bills. Have you ever been denied healthcare coverage by your Healthcare Insurance plan? What do you do when you are caught in a battle between your insurance company and your healthcare provider?  For those with COVID-19 bills initially, deductibles and copays were to be waived by most companies. However now most waivers are expired or are trying to deny those wavers.

In a recent interview with ABCNews11 WTVD in Raleigh, we had a chance to talk about the issues our clients and communities are facing.

“So, we potentially, yes, are into a situation where we will see a lot of people that will be struggling to try to figure out, you know, what are my next steps and what do I do next” explained North Carolina patient advocate Marilyn Whitley.
Whitley is the CEO of Whitley Patient Advocates and assists clients across the country with health-related issues, including billing. She said in the last few months the number of COVID-19 patients reaching out has increased.
“When you have a much sicker client, a much sicker patient, you are going to have a large volume of charges,” Whitley explained. “So, then that increases your risk of a mistake or a miss in a code.”

Check out this interview for more https://abc11.com/hospital-bills-debt-covid-patient-insurance/10994933/