Using a Patient Advocate for Family Mediation

Daughter talking with elderly mother

An important part of multiple people caring for a loved one is agreeing on how their loved one’s healthcare should be provided for and executed. When there are differences in opinions, family mediation can be an optimal solution to bring everyone together. Mediation is the process of utilizing an impartial and unbiased neutral party that does not advise, evaluate or advocate for any particular resolution, but gives the parties involved the ability to determine the outcome and solution of their issues.

A serious change in a loved one’s healthcare can bring out many emotions to those closest to them. Siblings, children, parents and spouses of the loved one can all have very different views and opinions of what should take place next and these views may not coincide with each other. Loved ones may not be on the same page with each other and may not be clear on the wishes of the patient. Sometimes mediation with loved ones, the patient and an unbiased entity can be the difference in uncomfortable confusion and a united front with the loved one’s best interest at heart.

An Advocate can offer the time to sit down with all loved ones involved as well as the patient and attempt to consolidate the goals at hand to provide the most beneficial outcome to all involved in this difficult time. We will sit down with loved ones and let everyone express their feelings and wishes in a neutral environment. We realize that individual opinions regarding the loved one may be vastly different and we will work to help you find a common ground and a compromise that, first of all benefits the patient and ultimately eases your burden of “what comes next”.

It is our hope that through this process we can provide you and your loved one with peace of mind and comfort for the future, whatever it may bring. We realize that bringing together families for the support of the patient is just as important as the care the patient will receive. Loved ones that are united as one is such a stress relief on the patient and can greatly improve a patient’s outcome. Let us be your link to a positive and stress-free health experience for your loved one. They deserve a compassionate and united front from the people that love them the most.