Top 5 things for Solo and High-Risk Seniors to be aware of with the Coronavirus

Seniors and Coronavirus

Top 5 things for Seniors and the Coronavirus

For Eastern North Carolinians, we have been through many  Emergency Preparedness situations, especially for a hurricane.


How do we apply this to the Coronavirus? We take what we do for the hurricanes and add to it!


1. If you live alone, are over the age 65 and have multiple medical conditions you are at risk of becoming seriously ill if you contract the virus.

2. Make a Plan for You with your Care Partner right now to be in your home for an extended period of time. Stock up on supplies such as medications and nonperishable food items as to avoid crowds at stores. Be prepared right now for the possibility of running low on supplies.

3. Ask your Long-Term Care or Assisted living facility what their visitation policy is for the Coronavirus. Be aware of the policy and be sure you check in daily for any updates.

4. Stay informed. Connect with your community resources; patient advocates can help if you are unsure, one on one, or get you connected to community groups.

5. If you are sick and you feel you need to be treated, call your provider first. Ask for a telemedicine visit or a home visit. Next, try to see your primary care provider or get to an urgent care. Call ahead if you can to make staff aware. If you are seriously ill then call 911 or get yourself to the closest Emergency Department.