Patient Advocates, Who You Call When You Need Help in HealthCare

The complexity of our healthcare system is overwhelming, that’s nothing new right? Who do you call when you need help?
How many times have you heard a friend, coworker, or loved one say, “What am I supposed to do next? ” When a healthcare crisis hits, this is a common question we hear.
As patient advocates, we can help clarify things for you and guide you on your next steps. Why is that so important you ask?  It’s important because it will save you Time and Money.
Do you know what else it does? It will put you back in control of your decision-making about your health. Yes That’s right!!! Put YOU back in control!

Let’s talk about what we see as the top 3 reasons individuals contact patient advocates.

1. They just don’t have the time to figure out everything.
  • When a health crisis occurs you need to move quickly. Decide on possibly a long-term care facility for mom, or an assisted living facility for an uncle that now has advanced dementia. If you are doing this solo, it’s unbelievable the volume of information you are given.
2. They feel like they have lost control of making their decisions and they need help in understanding what is happening to them so that they can go forward and make informed decisions.
  • A new diagnosis comes with new information, healthcare providers have limited time to educate or sit one on one with you to determine how well you can process the information. Often not understanding the information that is being communicated in medical terms.
3. They are worried about the money it could cost them if they make the wrong decisions or delay a decision. Are their medical bills correct or if they have been denied coverage if they can make an appeal on a claim to get coverage?
  • Did you know that a lot of claims are denied the first time by insurance? Appeals are such a key part of getting the care you are entitled to. Most times the responsibility of the appeal falls on the patient.
Who do you call when you need help? Do you have someone that can advocate on your behalf?  Do you know an Independent Patient Advocate you can call?
Protect your health! Have a trusted individual that will advocate for you when you need it. We will all need to access our healthcare system at some point in our lives! The Bottom line is the majority of individuals in our country struggle to understand healthcare and will need a helping hand.