Patient Advocates Support Caregivers

Patient Advocates Support Caregivers

Who are caregivers today?

With today’s medical advances people are living longer. Meaning more individuals need to be cared for. Even seniors in their 60’s and 70’s are attempting to take care of their older and more frail parents. An analysis from the center for retirement research at Boston College found that 10% of adults 60-69 years old are caregivers for their parents and 12% of adults age 70 and older.

Demands on caregivers today

Turning an aging parent in bed and assisting them into a car may be a heavy work for some. Then performing light housework, cooking, or waking up at night to assist them in some way can be exhausting on an older person. The older caregiver is more susceptible to physical exertion issues as well as recovering from them. Older caregivers with health issues of their own are may have emotional distress as well that can increase their risk of dying.

Financial burdens on caregivers

Caregiving at an older age can also cause a financial burden. Ones savings can be used up just trying to organize some help for their elderly parent. Children caregivers who have looked forward to retirement may have to reevaluate their circumstances and forego their plans of retirement and relaxation.

Why use a patient advocate?

Patient advocates can ease the burden of caring for an elderly parent by senior children. How do they do that? By moving quickly in setting individuals up with support groups, access to local resources & community groups.Often these groups can help with the demands and burdens for caregivers but are not always easy to find in one place. Advocates can also offer second opinion options, as well as accompanying patients to doctors appointments to assure that information is understood.

How a patient advocate helps

Patient advocates give you time saving strategies so that you can get things set up quickly for your elderly parents.  Help with such things as errands, in home assistance and just general help so that you can focus more on enjoying retirement without the constant worry about if your elderly loved one is being taken care of.

Is your peace of mind and time worth it to you?