Patient Advocates provide support for a Crisis or Non-crisis in Healthcare

How Can a Patient Advocate Help?

There are really 2 ways a patient advocate can help. In the time of crisis or planning to prevent a crisis.

Crisis Situation

A crisis in healthcare occurs most often when a medical emergency is occurring or has occurred and life as you know it has drastically changed.

During times of crisis, we can meet with you via phone computer, or in-person to support you and your family in understanding the next steps.  With a swift setup,  We can bridge the gaps so that you can be sure you fully understand your current health situation. We can even be the point of contact between caregivers, ensuring you get accurate information. We know situations can become complex quickly. Resulting in confusion, frustration, and even undue pain and suffering.

Non-Crisis Situation

Your loved one may have multiple illnesses that are slowly becoming worse and their care is becoming complicated and it’s hard for them to keep up with everything.

Getting an assessment of your needs from an advocate, and prioritizing, and organizing these needs can help put things in perspective for you.

Attending doctor appointments, educating, organizing, coordinating, and reviewing medications & medical bills are just a few simple ways we can help. Most importantly, the services are individualized to assure your family gets what they need.

Everyone Needs an Advocate

We believe at Whitley Patient Advocates that Most times you can be your best advocate.

However Complicated healthcare is becoming the new normal, A crisis or complicated situation can happen fast. If this happens to you or your family, Who will be your patient advocate?

Whitley Patient Advocates are here to help, no one should ever feel that they cannot get what they need to live their best life