Patient Advocates Ensure “Checks & Balances” on Your Healthcare Journey

Patient Advocates Ensure “Checks & Balances” on Your Healthcare Journey

Why Checks and Balances

As patient advocates, we understand the importance of “Checks & Balances” in healthcare. It is well known that many businesses and institutions implore a system of “checks and balances”.  This ensures the efficiency of the business and makes sure things are done in a proper manner. It has been proven that this important concept strengthens the longevity of the business as well as ensures the satisfaction of the people you are serving.

Have you ever wondered, how am I going to do all this for mom? Will I be able to get her care covered under her long-term care insurance? Will I be able to care for her at home with me?

How Do I Balance it All?

Who do you have to help you with those things? Is the person who helps you qualified enough in the medical field to ask the right questions to obtain the right information so that you understand everything you qualify for?

Remember, if these questions have run through your mind, then Whitley Patient Advocates may be able to help you. We can work with you to answer all those questions. We can review your long-term care policy with you and help you understand what you or your loved one is entitled to.

The “Checks & Balances” at Work

As patient advocates, we can tell you what it means to qualify for a long-term care claim or what it means to qualify for respite under your long-term care policy. We can intercede for you and deal with long-term care insurances on your behalf.

For example, a client that has long-term care said “I won’t qualify for assistance without meeting my 90-day deductible”. After our comprehensive assessment with the family and reviewing the long-term care policy, we were convinced that the client would in fact qualify. After the client’s consultation with her primary care provider, it was determined that the client did meet the hospice criteria, which in turn qualified them for long-term care insurance funds immediately.

This is just one example of the things that we do. When we advocate for our clients we look at ways we can get you access to things you are entitled to in healthcare insurances & services, save you money, and always save you time.

In summary, patient advocates will ensure “Checks and Balances” are utilized in your healthcare journey to ensure you get everything you need for yourself and your loved ones.