Patient Advocates Can Save You Money

Patient Advocates Can Save You Money

Patient Advocates Can Save You Money

Patient Advocates can save you money! Let’s talk about how hiring a patient advocate can save you money. Not only can a patient advocate save you money they can also help you improve your health and wellbeing. At Whitley Patient Advocates we realize that you work hard for your money, and when you spend it, you want to feel confident about your purchase. There are many ways that you can save money by hiring your own independent patient advocate. How much do you know about your medical bills and debt?

Are Your Medical Bills Correct?

A patient advocate can review insurance coverage to make sure you have paid the correct amount, if money is owed to you or if your coverage has been denied and you need an appeal which ensures your medical bills are correctly paid for by insurance. Be sure you always ask for an itemized bill.

Do You Have Medical Bill Debt?

A patient advocate can negotiate hospital bills down as well as locate inappropriate charges and rectify the mistakes by dealing directly with the hospitals billing department.
Alternative methods of paying that you may be unaware of such as “interest free financing” may be available to you. You may also ask for a discount of your bill or take advantage of a discount by paying your bill early or in larger payments. Always ask for options.

Organize your medical bills to confirm that they are paid on time to avoid a collections agency. Did you know that medical debt is often sent to collections in error? Therefore you need to keep up with your receipts. In the event collections are involved, we can assist you in repairing your credit by helping you negotiate payment.

Do You Know What Your Insurance Will Cover?

A patient advocate can suggest services covered by insurance, but that may not be offered to you such as alternative medicines and therapies to palliative care. It is important to negotiate these with your insurance companies as well as appeals for coverage.

Patient Advocates are skilled at locating resources for all medical issues, which can save you money. Sometimes it’s cheaper to use a coupon for a medication that go through your insurance. Directly contacting a drug company can help or using new innovative prescription apps such as

Do You Need That Test?

Identifying whether or not you require a specific test, medication or procedure can save you money as well. Ask the questions “Do I really need this or is this a part of my clinical treatment?”

Patient Advocates can also aid in finding you a second opinion that insurance covers which could possibly change your diagnosis or clarify your current medical issue. Even if your diagnosis does not change, having two opinions and covered treatments will give you peace of mind. Determining the highest quality and lowest cost options in healthcare such as finding the most affordable MRI or CT scan in your area can save you thousands. Outpatient services can sometimes be a cheaper option that your current provider may be unaware of.

There are many opportunities in healthcare where you can save money. Can you really afford not to have an advocate?