As Patient Advocates, we at Whitley Patient Advocates focus on many areas of healthcare facing our community at large and specifically our senior population. As a result we know In the wake of COVID 19 this demographic of the population seem to be the forgotten ones. It is clear in this pandemic the majority of emphasis for reopening has been placed on businesses, travel and schools. The outcome,  it seems is that this forgotten population of grandparents, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles etc are being “held” in isolation from their loved ones with virtually no transparency in regards to regulatory checks from outside agencies.

How We Are Advocating For Our Seniors

Firstly, we listen! We gather stories by listening to our clients and community organizations about their healthcare experiences.

Secondly, we take the information gathered to the leaders and organizations that influence change in our state.

Thirdly, we become champions for our seniors and their families.

By taking these steps we know that the first hand experiences and feedback get to our state leaders. In turn, this can influence positive, patient/family centered decision making. Lastly, we know that this information is what our task force needs as we re-open our sate.

How We Ensure Your Voice is Heard

On May 21, 2020 Whitley Patient Advocates submitted letters with a call to action to our elected federal and state officials. In these letters we ask for the support in the proposed strategies to reopen facilities. We recommend you read the letters we sent and let us know what you think. Next you may also use these as a guide as you advocate.

  1. Congressman Dr. Murphy,  Letter to Congressman Murphy 5.21.20
  2. Governor Roy Cooper,  Letter to Govenor Cooper 5.21.20
  3. Dr Mandy Cohen DHHS,  Letter to Dr Cohen 5.21.20 

On May 21, 2020 Congressman Dr. Murphy responded to our concerns personally via a conference call. He thanked us for bringing the concerns of seniors and their families to light. Next, he asked we continue to advocate and bring the voice of our elderly and their families to the COVID-19 task force.

We Will Continue to Advocate for Seniors

Loneliness and depression are on the rise in this population. The result is that it’s taking a toll on these long term care residents and their families. All of us, as patient advocates, need to unite to combat the loneliness of seniors and non-transparency of the facilities.

How can you help? We encourage all individuals to reach out to elected officials. You can voice your success stories and concerns. You can ask for their support as we navigate through the unknown with this pandemic.

Our knowledge is your power. With the right knowledge,  you can be the best advocate for yourself or your loved ones. As Patient Advocates we are always available to help.

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