Are All Your Affairs In Order? How Patient Advocates Can Help.

When was the last time someone asked you are your affairs in order? Have you made any end-of-life decisions?  Do you have a living will or an advanced care directive?
Why all these questions? Do they mean all the same thing?  What am I supposed to do next?
Patient Advocates can help clarify things for you and guide you on your next steps.
Why is that so important? The bottom line, it will save you time, and money and give you peace of mind.

Let’s talk about what we see as the top 3 documents when getting your affairs in order.

1. Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPOA) and Living Will.
  • This document allows one to designate someone to make healthcare decisions for them.  The HCPOA usually includes the Living Will. This includes what you want to be done in the event you cannot speak for yourself when it comes to healthcare decisions.
2. Durable Power of Attorney allows a person to appoint someone else to make decisions and conduct financial matters on their behalf during their life. Remember most HCPOAs only go into effect when you become incapacitated and are for medical decisions only. If you are unwell and need assistance your HCPOA will not cover this.
  • When a health crisis occurs you need to move quickly. Having these documents already filed with your healthcare providers, long-term care Insurance and family will save you time and frustration.

3. Funeral Planning Declaration allows you to state exactly your wishes as far as the disposition of the body and the services.

  • Most individuals find this very difficult to do with their immediate family. However, planning ahead gives you a sense of control and support for your loved ones.
Who do you call when you need help? Do you have someone that can advocate on your behalf?
Do you know an Independent Patient Advocate you can call?
Protect your health! Be your best advocate. Have a trusted individual that will advocate for you when you need it. We will all need to access our healthcare system at some point in our lives!